PMS Relief Collection

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Our PMS Relief Collection box is filled with all natural PMS goodies perfectly tailored to your needs and to help give you comfort before, during, and after your time of the month.

What's in this Collection?

BALANCE Essential Oil Roller 10ml 

Developed especially for those who suffer from endometriosis or any other estrogen-driven conditions. This blend supports healthy hormonal balance levels.    

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, peppermint, lavender, clary sage and rosemary.

Hibiscus Hormone Balance Bath Salt 200g    

Specifically formulated for women who suffer with hormonal imbalances. These bath salts are made with geranium to reduce fluid retention, hibiscus to relieve menstrual pain & cramps and clary sage to balance estrogen in your body by distributing it evenly.

Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, magnesium, hibiscus flowers, clary sage, geranium & frankincense.

PMS Relief Magnesium Oil 100ml 

Our PMS Relief Magnesium Oil Spray gently supports your body by reducing body aches and cramping and helps support healthy hormone balances. 

Ingredients: Magnesium chloride ,distilled water and essential oils of *clary sage, *ylang ylang and *rose geranium, liquid germall plus.

Manuka Rose PMS Relief Salve 50g 

Our Manuka Rose PMS Relief Salve is a beautiful, all natural massage balm is designed to calm the nervous system and balance hormones.

Ingredients: Infused rose sweet almond oil, beeswax, shea butter, evening primrose oil, pure essential oils of rose, geranium, clary sage and palmarosa.