Lavender Dog Cologne Spray


Sirius Skincare Apothecary's Dog Cologne Spray is perfect for between baths to freshen and deodorise your dog's coat. 

Key Ingredients:

√ Aloe Vera to soothe skin irritation 

√ Glycerine to adds moisture to dog's fur and acts as a leave-in conditioner

√ Coconut oil to add shine and even more conditioning to your pet's coat

√ Lavender for its calming properties

√ Sweet orange for its cleansing and purifying properties


    To use this cologne spray, shake before use. Spray liberally onto your dog's coat, comb through, and allow it to dry. Do not spray on the face.


    *Do Not use on Cats* While dogs and humans are able to absorb and breakdown essential oils, cats are unable to do so. This can place undue burden on their renal system. Never use products with essential oils on your cats.

    Full List of Ingredients:

    Distilled water, coconut oil, aloe vera, glycerine, *lavender, *sweet orange (pure essential oils), liquid germal plus (non-paraben preservative).

    *organic ingredients.