Calendula Body Bar 90g

SSLMS-0235-MS $11.50

Made with hemp seed oil and calendula, Sirius Calendula Body Bar moisturises and heals rough, irritated skin.

Our body bars are vegan friendly, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, soy-free, toxin-free, sulfate-free, parabens-free.

  • Artisan made in small batches with all natural ingredients.
  • Kills bacteria that cause acne
  • Helps tighten pores on the skin
  • Calendula works as an antiseptic and improve blood flow
  • Five oils that moisturise and make your skin smoother
  • Moisturises and heals irritated skin
  • Soothes itchy and dry skin
  • Sweet orange essential oil is a great skin tonic and helps stimulate microcirculation, and diminish the appearance of pores.


Packed in light-weight, highly recyclable, reusable black aluminium tin. Please recycle or re use.

How to Use:

Make sure your skin is damped with warm water(for about 1-2 minutes). Scrub each area of your body in a circular motion at least 3-5 times with the soap bar. Let the body bar sink into your skin for a minute before rinsing off.

Full List of Ingredients:  

Purified water, hemp seed oil, olive oil, sustainable palm Oil (RSPO certified), safflower oil, coconut oil, Sodium Hydroxide For Saponification, oat protein, ground calendula flowers and sweet orange pure essential oil.

*organic ingredients