Sirius Gives Back

An important part of our business is to get involved with our community where we can. In our first year in business we have supported local non-profit groups, but as our business continues to grow, so does our desire to make an impact.

We have decided to donate to these two outstanding charities.

Endo Warriors Aoteroa

Endo Warriors Aotearoa wants to spread our message of strength and compassion. We are here to help anyone with endometriosis to find support friendships and strength. Our illness might be invisible, but we are not. We support ANYONE with Endometriosis. We also offer free period items to ANYONE in need.

One Tree Planted 

New Zealand is home to unique forest ecosystems, including kauri forests, kahikatea swamp forests, pōhutukawa forests and mixed broadleaved forests. These support a diverse flora and fauna that evolved in the almost complete absence of land mammals and are almost entirely made up of native bird species found nowhere else. However, native forests like these have suffered from centuries of logging, forest clearance and invasive species that have reduced them to a fraction of their former range. Donations will help to plant thousands of trees to restore the island’s indigenous forests and create habitat for wildlife, while stabilising hillsides to prevent erosion and protect local watersheds. 

My Foodbank Project 

The Foodbank Project is a not-for-profit, self-sustaining online shop that makes it easy for anyone to donate groceries to Kiwis in need. As a donor at The Foodbank Project, you can choose from a range of products that are critically needed for food parcels including fresh produce, meat and dairy, pantry staples, along with personal care and cleaning items.

How it works:

By shopping with Sirius Skincare Apothecary, you're helping us to support these great charities - at no extra cost to you. For orders $25 and over, we will donate $1.00 to the charity you choose at checkout.