Our Story

Welcome to Sirius Skincare: A modern day apothecary based in the hamlet of Riverhead, New Zealand crafting all natural products for your mind, body & soul.

Meet Our Founders:

Husband and wife founders Daniel & Debra King created Sirius Skincare Apothecary in 2020, out of a shared love for all things natural and simple. 

Both Daniel and Debra have chronic illnesses, and together they develop products to help boost and balance well-being.

One of their first creations was their herbal infused bath salts, which have now become best sellers. To date, the line of products has grown to include skin, hair, body, men's range, pet care and home and living. 


Daniel grew up in a chemical free household and from a young age learnt the importance of growing, foraging and developing a relationship with herbs, plants and flowers. 


Debra's journey into skincare began because of her own personal discomfort, anxiety and severe pain because of endometriosis  - an incurable disease affecting 1 in 10 people. Endometriosis is an estrogen-driven condition that causes pain and inflammation in and around the uterus, and because parabens mimic estrogen, finding paraben-free products and foods are necessary in keeping hormone levels balanced and symptoms at bay. After experiencing her personal health rebirth thanks to a better diet and a clearer understanding on how what we put in and on our bodies affects us on a cellular level, she studied herbalism and is now a certified herbalist. 

Our Standards

  • Full transparency
  • Free of compounds found in natural products that can irritate sensitive skin.⁣
  • No parabens⁣, perfectly executed formulas to be most effective. ⁣
  • Plant-based ingredients⁣.
  • Responsible ingredient sourcing, using other local businesses when possible.⁣
  • People and planet friendly products NEVER tested on animals
  • No artificial additives.
  • No synthetic fragrances or dyes.
  • No soy-based ingredients.

The Result:

Our range of products are small-batch Artisan crafted and fueled by the healing power of herbs, plants and flowers. 

Every product is crafted in small-batch apothecary tradition with recycled glass bottles and aluminum tins. Transparency persists as a core value of our brand and every ingredient will always be communicated to you, so you can trust that what you’re putting on your skin is safe and completely good for you.