Calm Essential Oil Roller

SSCR-0189-OR $12.50

Calms tension, reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Excellent for calming symptoms of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

Calm contains grapefruit, orange, clary sage, ylang ylang & chamomile oils

  • Grapefruit helps reduce mental and physical fatigue, wiping away your stresses from the day, calming your mind & body.
  • Orange has a sedative effect on the nervous system and helps calm anxieties, stress, tension, and nervousness.
  • Clary Sage has sedative abilities that induce feelings of relaxation, clarity, and calmness while alleviating dizziness, anxiety, and irritability.
  • Ylang Ylang is calming and relaxing. Helps soothe the nervous system and can relieve mental fatigue & anxiety,
  • Chamomile is well-known for its relaxing and sedating properties and intoxicating scent. 

10ml per bottle

*For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or lips. Please consult your physician or midwife before using products containing essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing.*