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Affordable small-batch skincare products that are good for your skin and your world.

Shine Bright!

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100% naturally derived from plants & flowers.

Shine Bright!

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Sirius Skincare is a modern day apothecary based in the hamlet of Riverhead, New Zealand crafting 100% natural & organic products for your mind, body & soul.


This is my favourite with endometriosis and hip issues I have a lot of body pain and use if this in the bath it helps ease the pain. My son gets bad growing pains as well and he loves this

Lavender Magnesium Muscle & Relax Bath Soak


I’m in awe! Within a few weeks of using it every day, for the first time in years, I felt less bloated overall and had less menstrual symptoms inc pain and cramps. I’m excited to continue using this product to see what longer term effects it will have.

Estrogen Balance Essential Oil Roller


I love the smell and the feel. I have only just begun using this oil but so far it has been great!

Endo Warrior Oil


Love it! I added a small handful to my bath the other night and not only did it smell amazing, it eased the pain in my tummy and helped me to relax a lot! Love love love it!

Hibiscus Hormone Balance Bath Salts


Oh this was fantastic! I felt the coffee grounds doing their job right away and now my skin feels super smooth.

Coffee Kola Face Scrub


LOVE THIS! I love this face mask, so easy to use and my face feels so clean and fresh after it!

Activated Charcoal Face Mask